Social Media Calendar App

social media calendar app

There are lots of social media content calendar apps out there. The problem with them is that you still have to write the content. You’ve probably already invested a lot of time in your website and don’t understand why you need to revisit the writing process. Many people use social media to rehash the news – trust me, sharing someone else’s posts, as nice as that may be, isn’t going to get you any new clients. Saying Merry Christmas, Happy Halloween, or Happy Birthday to Sue our company dog isn’t going to do much for business either.

If you agree with the above then you are where you need to be. Social Media Hammer is a tool for the pragmatic. We believe that by creating a social media content calendar directly from scraping your own website, you are 80% towards being finished with your social media activities for the month.

If the content on your website is good, and if you don’t want to waste time and money on someone else managing your social media, then Social Media Hammer will save you a lot of money. Let’s face it, even if you spent the money on someone to manage your social media, you’d still have to spend a lot of time training and reviewing their work.

Social Media Hammer takes 2-5 minutes to put together a 300 post calendar ready for upload in Hootsuite, Buffer, and Social Media Oomph. You just need to spend a few extra minutes deleting some posts that don’t make sense because they need prior content from your website to provide context. This app can create Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Instagram posts in separate CSV files with 100 to 1000 posts in each file – that’s 5000 total posts created in 5 minutes! It even applies hashtags and ensures appropriate post length. Social Media Hammer will create posts of 240 characters for Twitter (including hashtags of your choice), and 500 character long posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit with hashtags (if requested). You have the option to edit the posts before exporting too.


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