Social Media Content Development

social media content development

Social Media Content Development and Strategy

One of the first steps in developing social media content is to know the character limits, image sizes, and video lengths for each channel. Unlike other websites’ social media cheat sheets, ours is only concerned with text posts (the kind you make with a bulk upload csv).

Last Updated: December 26, 2020

PlatformMaximum Character CountBest Image Size px and ratio
Facebook63,206 characters1,200 x 630
Twitter280 characters1200 x 675
LinkedIn700 characters company page and 1,300 characters personal page.1200 x 627
Instagram2,200 characters1080 x 1080
Pinterest500 Characters1000 x 1500
Reddit40,000 characters3840 x 2160
TumblrNo Limit1,280 x 1,920

Entrepreneur Magazine on Social Media Content Development/Strategy
Marketing Land on Social Media Content:

1 Some day a social media automation tool will allow automation of videos posts. We’re probably not at the stage yet where online storage is willing to move a 1 GB video across multiple platforms for free. We created a 160 second video Camtasia screen capture how-to video that was only 28MB. We think allowing videos under 30MB would be a good form of social training to get people to create short and sweet videos, unlike the 3 minute small talk intros of almost every YouTube video; just get to the point Youtubers! 😉