Social Media Content Outsourcing


The most important step before you decide to outsource your social media content is deciding exactly what will be outsourced. Maybe right now you need help with the following channels:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest
  6. YouTube

If you haven’t audited your current use of these channels and the return you received so far, outsourcing might be the biggest mistake you make. It’s possible that even with great execution, half of the above channels will have a negative ROI. Before you outsource, make sure you know exactly what should be outsourced and what your goals and objectives are for each channel.

Also, depending on your market, no amount of social media polish will give a positive ROI on any spend over $1000 a month. If that’s that case, save your time and money by using Social Media Hammer to do it all for under $10 a month.

Social Media Content Outsourcing Resources