Welcome to our Content Calendar

As a Saas developed by marketers, we understand the power of SEO. To help our SEO, we own our social media content first, then post it after. Below are some potential future Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest posts. As we create social media content (usually using Adobe Spark), we’ll post them here for review. If we still like them after a week, we’ll post them to our social media channels.

once upon a time social media

Once upon a time someone created a Hootsuite bulk upload csv manually… they got fired. The end. We though about the usage of “got” versus “were” and decided got to be more suitable in this context. The storybook imagery added a nice contrast to someone getting fired, but lets pretend no one got fired and this was some advice in a story format.

website evergreen content bulk upload csv

Your website is full of evergreen content. We can turn your web content in to a 300 post bulk upload csv. We liked the forest with low clouds as it has a Pacific Northwest feel to it. The evergreen forest – evergreen content metaphor is obvious. We really liked the Adobe Spark automatic typesetting style of larger fonts on each subsequent line of text.

pdf to csv bulk upload social media automation

We love books. But, what we really love are PDF books converted into a 3000 post social media bulk upload CSV… in 5 minutes. We know, it’s into, not in to. We actually changed it and reuploaded the file but WordPress, caching, and the media replace plugin sometimes have a mind of their own.

social media hammer 8 hours

I still bill for 8 hours – even if I did it in 5 minutes. This is a take on a joke a client once told our founder – who was notorious for underbilling. The model is also Filipina which we wanted to help promote our international image. The designer of this website was also Filipina so maybe the choice was subliminal. Speaking our our international image, the lead developer is Venezuelan, and our founder taught marketing for two years in Qatar.  

social media bulk upload automation

This remined us of Monty Python. Step 1: Click upload. Step 2: Fight this guy. Step 3: Never Use bulk upload again. Does this look like your last bulk upload experience? Let us get it done in 5 minutes. In the top right you can see the tip of the other sword – that was a cropping error.

 bulk upload csv Hootsuite

#bulkupload your next love. Just a simple message.

social media virtual assistant

This image is similar to the previous social media assistant post. It took you 8 years to learn how to do it in 5 minutes. Bill them for the 8 years.

social media hammer twitter

A post on Twitter and Facebook Jan 2, 2021. Does this look like your last bulk upload experience. In this image, we are trying to relate to a typical users first experience with Hootsuite’s bulk upload process.