SocialOomph Bulk Upload CSV Automation

We can crawl your website and create an automated SocialOomph Bulk Upload CSV with formatted time, date, post, hashtags, and website link.

Setting up a bulk upload csv for SocialOomph is the easiest of all the social media scheduling apps – there is usually only one column! Some time’s there’s one column and sometimes there’s two columns in the following cases:

Use a one column CSV for these social media channels:


Use a two column CSV for these social media channels (social media post title in Column 1 and the actual post content in Column 2):


The date and time formatting is handled within user settings in your Social Oomph account.

Click to see Social Oomph’s CSV bulk upload rule set. A SocialOomph Bulk Upload CSV which can be created using Social Media Hammer looks like this:

Using Social Media Hammer to crawl your website and reformat your content in to a SocialOomph bulk upload csv is a sure way to save time. As a content generator, Social Media Hammer can automatically add hashtags and source URLs to your posts plus, it can also add content from uploaded PDFs.
Social oomph has one of the biggest selections of networks to connect to. Looking at the list of channels they support, Pinterest and Instagram are missing. Even when looking at other social media automation platforms (some of which boast a million+ users), the third-party plugin selection is very sparse. After 10 or so years of this markets existence, there are still many opportunities for new social media automation tools to be developed.
Social Media Channels Supported: Discord channels, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, Mastodon profiles, Pinterest boards, Reddit subreddits, StockTwits profiles, Twitter profiles, Shopify blogs, Tumblr blogs, blogs, blogs